Road Trips

So, recently, we came across a portable sawmill that was located in southern Cal. It promised to be a good addition to our collection of stuff as it would perform within a different spectrum than our current portable. It was looking like a road trip. As a preamble to our departure prayers were asked, divine mercy requested, when a not so subtle suggestion was made, by the Divine Reverend, leader of our small congregation, that it might perhaps be an oversight to misguidedly embark on a journey of indeterminate length with me without further forethought. But what could happen?
As far as a road trip goes there are rules. I mean, what is the challenge if you bring a perfectly good automobile? If the tires don’t leak a little, and if everything works what is the point? We’re not talking about 8 track, but maybe the factory cassette player failed so an additional one has been installed (that also doesn’t work). It’s better that way anyhow, at least you could hear yourself think if it weren’t for the exhaust leak and the diesel rattling.

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