Road Trips 3

On the road trip with the previously mentioned parameters, I think the best thing that you can do is to bring a good set of tools. I don’t mean just tools tools. But, sometimes you need tools to make tools. Sometimes, you will need tools to make tools out of. As an example, mom has a drawer full of screwdrivers where she used to have butter knives. The trouble is, when you come full circle, eventually you have to turn a putty knife back into a couple of butter knives. But, anyway, tools can come in handy.
We’ve always been fortunate enough to break down where there has been some access to parts or supplies or we’ve been able to make due. Now we have never been forced to check out the apocryphal nylon stockings in place of the fan belt (God bless the faith of the guy that thought that would work). Nor have we been forced to fix (temp) a radiator with chewing gum. However, occasionally, a half a dozen egg whites will work in place of a leaky head gasket repair.